Подключение dht22 кatmega8

This is very simple and small post but always simple and small things make smart and enterprise products. Any way it's my dream that i write a program from that i can check my подключение dht22 кatmega8 temperature and humidity instead of watching from small devices.

I am using DHT22 Temperature and Humidity sensor with Arduino UNO R3 and getting it's data from Arduino Подключение dht22 кatmega8 Monitor.

подключение dht22 кatmega8

Before i go to подключение dht22 кatmega8 step i think i need to tell you some thing about DHT22. It's Humidity Range is 0-100% and Temperature range is -40 - 125°C that's why I prefer DHT22 as compared to DHT11.

For Complete steps, setup & output please watch the video.

Hardware Required:

1x Arduino/Genuino UNO

1x DHT22 Sensor

1x Bread Board

3x Jumper Wires

Let's Begin buddies.

First Pin is a VCC connect it to 5V.

Second Pin is Data Pin Connect it to Digital Pin 7.

Third Pin is called NC but i don't know why it's their i did not used it.

And Finally Fourth Pin is Ground Pin  my favorite Pin.

Now upload the code to arduino подключение dht22 кatmega8 wait for .

подключение dht22 кatmega8

output :)

Video For Complete Steps & Output:

Please find the Code in Attachment.

Источник: https://create.arduino.cc/projecthub/attari/temperature-monitoring-with-dht22-arduino-15b013

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